G Suite Updates

Google continuously rolls out G Suite updates, with a recent focus on Meet. We'll try to keep this page updated with helpful release information. We'll also indicate here whether there are any known issues/outages with G Suite that would affect students' learning.

You might have heard Google is rebranding G Suite as Google Workspace. We only just finished a search-and-replace changing Google Apps to G Suite ;-), so we're not rushing yet to rename things (like this page!). For now, expect to see support documents outside of csdecatur.net to refer to Google Workspace. The two labels -- G Suite and Google Workspace -- are synonymous.

Current G Suite status: Looks like everything is working! If staff think otherwise, reach out to your site tech so we can investigate. You can also directly check the G Suite Status Dashboard where Google alerts us to system issues.

Learn more about G Suite

The G Suite Learning Center has demos and tutorials for all levels of users.

Show what you know about G Suite

We have several vouchers for Level 1 and Level 2 Google Certified Educator exams. If you're interested in getting certified, complete this form to request an exam voucher.

G Suite feature releases

Recent updates are posted to Google's blog. If you're reading the fine print in these and wonder about timing and what version of G Suite (or Google Workspace) we have: we are on the Rapid Release schedule and license Google Workspace Enterprise for Education. You can also look ahead at (non-exhaustive) G Suite features that are in development.