G Suite Updates

Google continuously rolls out G Suite updates, with a recent focus on Meet. We'll try to keep this page updated with helpful release information. We'll also indicate here whether there are any known issues/outages with G Suite that would affect students' learning.

You might have heard Google is rebranding G Suite as Google Workspace. We only just finished a search-and-replace changing Google Apps to G Suite ;-), so we're not rushing yet to rename things (like this page!). For now and soon, expect to see new icons and to support documents refer to Google Workspace. The two labels -- G Suite and Google Workspace -- are synonymous.

Current G Suite status: Looks like everything is working! If staff think otherwise, reach out to your site tech so we can investigate. You can also directly check the G Suite Status Dashboard where Google alerts us to system issues.

Re-meet Meet - 28 Oct 2020.mp4

Re-meet Meet

With our continuation of virtual learning, we created this video covering features added to the Meet over the last couple of months, along with pro tips and reminders of best practices. It covers a lot of ground, but there are time codes in the first minute if you want to skip to a particular feature.

Meet Early Access Program for CSD

We participate in Google's Meet Early Access Program (EAP) to test upcoming features: currently handraising is available in the EAP, and EAP participants can read tips and additional info here. Polling, Q&A, breakout rooms, breakout room timers, and Jamboard integration have left the EAP and are generally available.

If you are interested in opting into the EAP, please complete this form. Some things to know:

  • We encourage folks to uninstall any extensions related to Meet. Here is written guidance of how to uninstall or disable extensions.

  • Some features available via the EAP might disappear from the EAP before they "reappear" in the general release of a feature.

  • If you want to opt out of the EAP, please submit a support ticket that clearly states you want to leave the Meet EAP.

  • Send your feedback on Meet EAP features here.

Learn more about new Meet and Classroom features

Google has a series of 30-minute demos and walkthroughs of recent education-related updates. You can sign up here. There is no cost.

Show what you know about G Suite

We have several vouchers for Level 1 Google Certified Educator exams. If you're interested in getting certified, complete this form to request an exam voucher.

Recent G Suite feature releases

Below, you'll see links to feature release notes and blog posts (usually about upcoming features, or going more in-depth about how to use new features) that affect teaching and learning. For features that have not yet fully deployed, we also indicate when you can expect them to arrive for you.

If you're reading the fine print in these and wonder about timing and what version of G Suite (or Google Workspace) we have: we are on the Rapid Release schedule and license Google Workspace Enterprise for Education.


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