Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

School Climate Webinars and Resources

The Metro RESA School Climate Team is excited to share various webinar series designed to assist districts, schools and families with PBIS implementation during virtual teaching and learning.

Webinar Series 2 - PBIS in the Classroom: Adapting for Virtual Learning

Part 1: Adjusting Structure and Routines

Part 2: Modifying Expectations and Rules

Part 3: Acknowledging with Positive Feedback

Part 4: Responding to Inappropriate Behavior

Adult Behavior influences Student Behavior

Start off on the positive

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports form the foundation for social-emotional, proactive and preventative strategies teachers use to foster and support student wellness and academic learning.

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City Schools of Decatur began implementing PBIS in the 2019-2020 School Year. The implementation process includes ongoing training from the Department of Education Technical Assistance Center and Metro RESA. Schools will continue with implementation of PBIS through Virtual Learning and upon returning to in-person learning. School teams developed School Wide themes to guide their work and teach students the positive expectations for conduct and learning at school.

School Wide PBIS Themes








@RMS and DHS

Adverse Childhood Events

Many experts agree our experience with the current pandemic can be classified as an Adverse Childhood Event (ACE). ACEs have the impact of altering children's responses to future experiences. Feelings of uncertainty, fear and anxiety can reduce a person's ability to manage emotional responses. How we recognize and respond to students' emotional responses as demonstrated in their behavior can further reinforce the trauma or help students develop appropriate coping strategies. Our charge is to recognize behaviors that are signals for help and provide supportive strategies to help guide them through the moment.

Contacts: Each school has a dedicated PBIS School Coach who can address school specific questions

District Coordinator: Jean-Jacques Credi, jcredi@csdecatur.net