Tech Tips and Help for Staff

Staff: In anticipation of SY21-22, we have transitioned most of these items over to the Knowledge Base in IncidentIQ. Please check the contents at for these and many more guidelines and tips.


Some of my students randomly get kicked out of or can't join a Meet. Any ideas?

How do I ensure I am (not) always the moderator in Meet?

A student has asked if they can change how their name appears in Meet. How can I help them?


How can I get better insight into my students' participation with material in Classroom?

You can log into Schoolytics with your CSD G Suite account and use their teacher dashboard to surface additional insights into students' grades and submission rates, along with other info. This tool offers a bit more flexibility and has more filters than the standards Classroom interface permits. Users who need building- or district-wide insights can contact Eston Melton and copy their supervisor to request that access.

A parent asked me to change the email to which they receive Classroom guardian notifications. Can I?

A parent says they never received their Classroom guardian invite. How do I resend it?

Chrome and Chromebooks

How do I turn on "data sync" to ensure I'm receiving the CSD extension and settings?

How do I get the webcam to work on my Chromebook or in the Chrome browser?

What extensions are installed for me, which ones are approved for opt-in, and where can I find them?

What extensions are installed and available for students?

We answer that question on the slightly-more-public facing Tech Help page in this item.

How do I get Flash to work on my Chromebook or in the Chrome browser?

G Suite Miscellaneous

Can I access my Google Drive contents through my computer's desktop/Finder?

I'm logged into G Suite, but when I access single sign-on tools like Blackboard Messenger or Padlet, I can't get in.


How do I edit files in a legacy format, like Word or Excel?

Can I make a phone call without using my personal phone?

I want to use a cool new website or add-on with my students. How do I get approval for that?

Please check in with your colleagues, instructional coach, and media specialist before looking to bring in a new service or software tool. It's quite possible we've already licensed or evaluated one that fits your needs!

If that's not the case, please check this Doc (also available via the CSD Staff Forms and Referents shared drive) for steps to request a software/service evaluation. The evaluation process focuses on privacy and system compatibility and does not render judgment on pedagogical appropriateness.

My CSD Padlet account lists me as a student. How do I get assigned teacher access?